What Your Trusted Notary Can Help You With

Documents That a Notary Public Can Notarize

A professional notary has a wide range of responsibilities, and there are many different kinds of documents they can notarize. It is significant to remember that there are various kinds of notarization, including copy certification, acknowledgments, jurats, and signature witness. A few examples of documents that can be notarized include the following:


This kind of paperwork is necessary for court cases. It includes a voluntarily made written sworn statement of fact. The majority of courthouses often have affidavit forms on hand. The document can be signed in front of a notary after the affiant reads or records the facts.

Insurance Loss Declarations

You should most likely file an insurance claim if you have had an accident or catastrophe. You’ll probably need to complete a proof of loss form in front of a notary for your claims adjuster. Fire claims, vehicle claims, and a general form for all types of losses are the three most common uses of this form.

Domestic Transfers

There are a few steps in the procedure that call for the engagement of notaries when changing the ownership of a home or another sort of real estate. They can analyze the purchase and sale agreement to begin with, as well as information regarding local taxes that apply to the property, prepare transfer and mortgage documents that need to be registered, and more.


Other forms of documentation frequently call for the assistance of notaries. Business documents, trust-related documents, domestic paperwork, legal records, and many more are among them. Make sure to speak with a specialist to see if their services are appropriate for your particular need.

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