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You have two options: Draft your own child custody arrangements or work with a lawyer to get one done. However, you must have an agreement notarized to make it legally binding. You may depend on J.A.G. Notary Services in Crosby, TX to offer the appropriate remedies.

The custody issue is one of the legal cases with a lot of controversy and the potential for intense emotions. All states’ laws and related court procedures provide negotiated settlements of matters to prevent drawn-out litigation. Both parties enter into a mutual contract if such conversations are successfully concluded. This agreement shall be effective only after been notarized. Here is where the assistance of our notary public is useful.

Notarized custody agreements that are tailored to the particular parenting schedule created by the parties. The division of custody between the mother and the father is part of the plan. A schedule for visiting is also stated in the agreement. These contracts frequently include clauses outlining a process for resolving future disputes between the parents, including how to obtain mediation services.

The main benefit of having the agreement notarized is that a third party can give testimony if a parent disputes whether they freely signed the document or understood its terms. The professional will ask questions about these before signing and notarizing the paperwork.

It can be difficult to make sure that notarized agreements adhere to all legal requirements. A reputable notary public organization in Crosby, TX called J.A.G. Notary Services can assist by giving the required details about nearby law firms specializing in various legal fields. We can also aid with stamping and signing any document. To discuss your needs, call (281) 328-2764 right now. We will be pleased to assist.

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