Professional Fingerprinting Services

J.A.G. Notary Services provides professional fingerprinting services and background checks in Crosby, TX and the surrounding areas. You can have one of our technicians come to you, or you can come to our location. Want to learn more about what the experts at our notary agency can do for you? Stay here and keep reading!

We offer the following services:

  • Ink Fingerprinting 

Our staff can perform NFA card fingerprinting for any firearms-related purposes. 

  • FBI Fingerprinting

We provide services for Apostille Reports required for entry into other countries and other diplomacy needs. We can also help accommodate your adoption requirements. 

  • FINRA Fingerprinting

Do you need your annual FINRA background check completed? We provide it both digitally and through the use of FINRA ink cards.

  • Fingerprint Cards

For your convenience, we provide ink fingerprinting services on FD-258 cards by printing them from a live scan capture. 

The Process

Our technicians concentrate on providing background checks and fingerprinting services using innovative electronic live scan devices. They can fingerprint you and either submit them through internet transactions or print them on a card for you to take at the end of your appointment. 

Here is what you will need to bring depending on the appointment:

  • License
  • ID
  • Social
  • CRD Number
  • ORI Number
  • Personal Information
  • Person for Fingerprinting 

J.A.G. Notary Services performs ink and scan printing services and can come to your home or office in Crosby, TX upon request. We will bring everything necessary for the job.

If you have further questions or want to discover more about this service or the other solutions our notary agency can provide, call us at (281) 328-2764 now. We will be happy to assist you! 

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